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Contribution school uniforms and shoes were funded by the MyNadi Foundation and the Cameron Highlands Malaysian Movement Party organized by the Cameron Highlands Pahang Community Development and Welfare Association to be distributed to 98 students from low income groups:

1) SJK (C) Cameron 2) SJK (T) Ringlet 3) SJK (C) Lembah Bertam 4) SJK (T) Ladang Shum Yip Leong 5) SJK (T) Ladang Boh 1 6) SJK (C) Tanah Rata 7) SJK (C) Brinchang 8 SJK (C) Kea Farm 9) SJK (C) Tringkap 10) SJK (T) Kuala Terla 11) SJK (C) Kuala Terla 12) SJK (T) Ladang Blue Valley

Although the government has not fulfilled, in all our efforts as ordinary people we tried to ease the burden borne by the villagers in CAMERON HIGHLANDS. Hopefully, such actions will reduce the cost of people especially from low-income parents. Dr Eddie from Cameron Highland took task in delivery to the needy.

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