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Covid 19 Reach Out

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus / COVID-19 in January 2020, major industries and businesses were severely disrupted. The outbreak had also severely disrupted the livelihood of the common man.

In Malaysia, since the lockdown in mid-March, numerous businesses and companies were forced to cease operations to curb the spreading of the virus. This unprecedented lockdown, drastically affected economic activities and more importantly abruptly disrupted the income of many families units and individuals causing great hardship and stress. Breadwinners were in dire state to provide the basic needs for their families.

Besides, the services and untiring efforts of the front liners in providing care for the infected ones and combating against the spread of the virus is truly commendable.

Understanding this plight, Yayasan MyNadi embarked on a Reach-Out programme to ease the burden of these front liners as well as families that are affected by the pandemic. My Nadi provided daily supply of meals to front liners and groceries for families identified through NGOs.

An Estimated total donation to Hospital were 86,102.15

Food Parcels Hospital Sungai Buloh

23 Mac till 1st April 10 days

300 packed meals per day x 10 days = 3000 pack

Total cost = RM 35,210

1st Day - 23 Mac from Star Café, Pantai (300 packed meals)

From 2nd - Day 24 Mac till 29 Mac from Sri Maha Karumariamman, San Peng (300 packed meals for 9 days)

Food Parcels Annalakshmi

Initiated by Yayasan My Nadi, and in collaboration with TFA managed to distribute 8640 packed meals from 23Mac till 21May 2020 through the sponsorship of Restaurant Annalakshmi to Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) and Blind Centre. The 8640 meals packets were distributed to the frontliners on duty over 59 days Total 8640 sponsored by TFA members

Video of TFA

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