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Robotic Competition

One of myNadi's great success story is Robot competition for student. Most of the Tamil school won in National or International Robotic competition was sponsored by myNadi.

There are a number of international robotics competitions that run annually. To our surprise Malaysia Tamil school has won 1st prize or even champion in World competition, The students has won in multidisciplinary skills competition which includes a mobile robotics category.

This to encourage and t students abilities to create a characteristics robots to test them in the competition .

This makes the student much ICT knowledgeable, creative, a designer, problem solver and convergent thinker. This what is missing in our Malaysia education system that to build next generation that able to solve problems in industries in Agriculture, manufacturing to aerospace, mining to medicine.

Some of school benefited are

SJKT Alma, SJKT Tun Amminah, SJKT Kajang,

SJK T Ringlet To help students build a solid foundation in mathematics, science, technology, design and ICT through hands-on experience or investigation. To train students to work together to solve challenging problems in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration. To enable students to develop logical and systematic thinking as they plan and implement programmes through the programming of robots.

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