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Updated: Feb 28, 2020

PART ONE Silambam has been has been as Old as 5,000 from India, it has great influence in Southeast Asia and Malay Peninsula during the period of Melaka's founding in the 14th century. The soldiers of Kings PuliThevar, Veerapandiya Kattabomman and Maruthu Pandiyar (1760-1799) relied mainly on their silambam prowess in their warfare against the British Army. indian martial arts suffered a decline after the British colonists banned silambam along with various other martial Arts. During this time, silambam became more common in Southeast Asia than its native India where it was banned by the British rulers.

Today, silambam is the most well-known and widely practiced Indian martial art in Malaysia where demonstrations are held for cultural shows. PERSATUAN ADITHADA WPKL has steered the ancient Tamil martial arts ”Siiambam” as a prominent, national sports activity in Malaysia, helping youth a" over the country to groom themselves as disciplined leaders of the future generation.

Those who know this martial art, will acknowledge the truth that this ”Silambam” has subtle secrets of se|f_defense and offence that is strangely strategic in nature and very deadly in its techniques named as ”Varmakalai" in Tamil, ancient literature speaks of its horrendous modus operandi while in action. Inclusion of this game in the National Sukma games has helped the game to be recognized 35 an international sport in the country and I take this moment to thank the Malaysia

Government and PERSATUAN ADITHADA WPKL. Mr. Gandhi said that the stick which creates fear when it is in the hands of policemen or teachers becomes an art when it is in the hands of the siiambam artists. It is a sport, which Would spread fast throughout the country, if PERSATUAN ADITHADA WPKL adopt a technical

approach Silambam can been included as a sport in schools. Congratulations to 6 student

Who taking the arangetram. on 3 June 2018

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