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Thaipusam annadhanam

10th year  #NasiLemakTepiKTM

7th Feb 2020,

The purpose of ‘Annadhanam’ is to provide food for those who couldn’t  afford food. ‘Annadhanam’ is the first known welfare system. Feeding the hunger is the noblest of all gift  This year 2020 is the 10th year KLAN ‘Annadhanam, KLAN's annadhanam service was renamed the Dharma Dhaanam Project 2020. But people won’t be altruistic and ready to donate. So this was embodied with religious practices. It was said that wealthy individuals have to serve ‘Annadhanam’, KLAN's annadhanam service was renamed the Dharma Dhaanam Project 2020 and gave 30,000 nasi lemak to devotees, Majority come from a middle-class family with children and mostly from far distance onn public transportation to get there, using whatever little savings that he has. as  usual it takes hours to reach the temple vicinity and to complete his prayers amidst the hundreds and thousands of people.

While there is plenty of food at the stalls set up around the Batu Caves area during the festival, most of them mark up their prices to fit the increased demand. Here is were serve food the tied devotees

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