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SJKT KAJANG, 20th International Robotics Olympiad (IRO)

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

1. The 20th International Robotics Olympiad (IRO) competition was held in De La Salle Zobel Santiago School Manila, Philippines from 15th to 18th December.

2. IRO is an annual international youth robot competition and over 500 teenagers who passed a preliminary round from 38 member countries annually participate in IRO.

3. This year 18 countries participate in this prestigious competition from Malaysia, USA, Canada , Korea, India, etc.

4. Malaysia took this opportunity and sent few teams from MRSM, St John Institution, MCKK and other secondary schools.

5. SJKT KAJANG is the first primary school to participate and was the only primary school from Malaysia.

6. SJKT KAJANG sent 2 teams for Creative Junior category. The first team made Autonomous Rubbish Collector robot while the second team made Autonomous Oil Spill Remover.

7. There were more than 60 teams in creative junior category and SJKT KAJANG have achieved podium finished by winning the silver and bronze medals.

8. It is great achievement to compete among all the international participants such Korea and USA who have been always in the limelight of robotics. And to win silver and bronze medals is really something to be proud off. Credit to SJKT KAJANG Mentor Mr. Vigkneshwaran Ramasamy and team who coached these boys day and night to ensure they are well prepared.

9. These 6 boys from SJKT KAJANG have created history by bringing the school’s and the country’s name at the international level.

10. Autonomous Rubbish Collector

Rubbhan Uthaiya Sooriyan (11 years old )

Paramananda Rajendran ( 11 yo)

Ravin Marimuthu (12yo)

11. Autonomous Oil Spill Remover

Divyeashan Ari Krishnan ( 11yo)

Trishar Nishel Kumar ( 8yo)

Arrvindhan Jai Chandran (8 yo)

12. Special thanks to SJKT KAJANG HeadMaster Mr John Posko who made this possible by initiating this project and giving his full support throughout. Not forgetting Mrs GandiMathi who has always been positive and encouragement to the boys.

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